The Digital Marketing News this Week – December 16, 2011

It can be hard to keep track of everything that happens in a week. That’s why we endlessly roam the internet in search of some of the most interesting stories from the automotive and social media industries – so you don’t have to. Take a look at what we’ve found this week:

Social Business is About Actions Not Words

“I cried a little on a plane last week. It wasn’t due to a delay, an uncomfortable seat, or peanut salt getting in my eye. It was because I saw a shining example of “social business” at work in the real world…”

Five Ways to Deal with Negative Online Comments

“When I speak, it’s pretty typical I’ll hear something along the lines of, ‘What happens when we begin participating online and someone says something bad about us?’ The fact of the matter is, people are already saying bad things about you. You have unhappy employees, upset customers, even belligerent investors. The web doesn’t change that. Sure, those people now have a megaphone, but you have a huge opportunity. Because you can monitor and listen, you know what people are saying and how to react to it…”

Paid Search Drives $6 in Local Sales for Every $1 in Online Sales [STUDY]

“Annual US retail spending is roughly $4 trillion according to the US Commerce Department. And while e-commerce is growing very rapidly, it remains less than 5 percent of total retail sales. Historically, most search marketers have focused almost exclusively on e-commerce sales. But a new study finds that the real impact of paid search is offline…”

Here’s What People Look at on Facebook Brand Pages

“In an effort to catch your eye on their Facebook pages, brands have experimented with apps and splashy profile photos. But in almost all cases, it turns out, the humble Facebook wall itself steals the show…”

Six Social Media Trends for 2012

“Each year at this time, I look forward and predict trends in social media for the coming year…. So what can we expect in 2012 in a world that seems to grow ever connected by the hour? Here are six predictions to ponder, in no particular order…”

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